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With over 400,000 youth members, scouting relies on over 100,000 volunteers supporting activities for young people. Hambledon Village Scout Group, like any other group in the UK cannot run without the support of adults who want to be involved and make scouting a fun, memorable and valuable learning experience for our members. If you are interested in helping out the group, there are several opportunities to help, from becoming an occasional helper to a uniformed leadership role.

Who can volunteer with the Scouts?

Anyone can volunteer with the Scouts. Volunteers are from every faith and social background. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved as a leader, assistant, instructor or administrator.

Why volunteer with the Scouts?

No matter what, in Scouts you’ll gain the skills and experience you need in life – because we believe in working as a team, learning by doing and thinking for yourself. But Scouts can also be a fun way to further your education and career. If you need work experience or volunteering hours for a college or university course or even a programme like The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, then volunteering for The Scout Association can help you get there.

How much time of my spare time will volunteering with scouting take?

The amount of time you spend on scouting is entirely up to you. Most of our volunteers have full time jobs and help out on a flexible basis due to other commitments. Some may help out once a week or fortnight whereas others help once a term or at summer camp. Becoming an occasional helper is the least time consuming role, where your involvement may be helping at section meetings every few weeks. We also have assistant section leaders who are also unable to commit to helping every week. Whereas, there is more to being a section leader, that just 1-2 hours a week to run the meeting.
One thing is certain – regardless of the amount of time given up to volunteering – we know that all our volunteers really enjoy the experience.

What roles are available in scouting?

The are several roles that involve working directly with our young members

    • Section Leader
    • Assistant Section Leader
    • Section Assistant
    • Occasional/Parent Helper
    • Young Leader (14-18 yrs old)

However, there are also administrative and specialist roles to support the leadership team. See  for more details on all the roles available.

What training is provided for volunteers?

The Scout Association provide a comprehensive training programme for all leaders and for some roles completion of the training programme is a mandatory requirement. All leaders are also required to be trained in First Aid. If you wish to find out more about training click here.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

No, not all roles in scouting are uniformed. Section leaders and assistants wear a uniform, section assistants can choose to wear a uniform and occasional helpers do not.

Will becoming a volunteer cost me?

Apart from your time, volunteering with scouting does not cost you at lot. The Scout Association cover the costs of CRB/DBS checks, training programmes and the group pay for leaders uniforms. The primary cost would be participation in events such as camps and trips away?

How do I get started?

The best way to find out if volunteering with scouting is for you is to speak to one of the section leaders and come along to a few meetings and see what you think. If you still want to get involved then the next step is to start the appointments process and fill in the appropriate form. Talk to the relevant section leader for an appointments form, or complete the online contact form.

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