Uniform and Badges

Beavers is a uniformed organisation, once your Beaver is happy to join, they will be formally invited to join the organisation, and we will hold an investment ceremony (which you are encouraged to attend).


For this, your Beaver will need to have their Jumper and Scarf which can be purchased from the Scout shop at Denmead Scout HQ. See here for the scout opening times. Alternatively, you can order your uniform online at http://shop.scouts.org.uk/ which is the official Scout Shop Online.


The beaver colony follows a “balanced programme” of activities that allow the beavers to earn badges in recognition of their learning and participation.

There are four main types of badges, activity badges, staged activity badges, challenge badges  and partnership badges.

Activity Badges

These are badges that can be completed as part of the weekly programme or can be completed at home.

  • Adventure Activity Badge
  • Air Activities Activity Badge
  • Animal Friend Activity Badge sponsored by Pets at Home
  • Creative Activity Badge sponsored by Meccano
  • Experiment Activity Badge
  • Explore Activity Badge
  • Faith Activity Badge
  • Health and Fitness Activity Badge
  • Healthy Eating Activity Badge sponsored by Eat in Colour
  • Hobbies Activity Badge
  • Imagination Activity Badge
  • Safety Activity Badge

Staged activity badges 

These are badges that run through all the sections and have progressively more challenging requirements. Staged activity badges earned at Beavers may also be worn on your cub uniform when you move up.

  • Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
  • Hikes Away Staged Activity Badge sponsored by Cotswold Outdoor
  • Information Technology Staged Activity Badge sponsored by Microsoft
  • Musician Staged Activity Badge
  • Nights Away Staged Activity Badge
  • Swimmer Staged Activity Badge

Challenge awards 

There are six challenge badges which when all have been completed means you have achieved your Chief Scout’s Bronze Award. Your Chief Scout’s Bronze Award can be worn on your cub uniform until you acieve your Silver Award.

  • Creative Challenge
  • Fitness Challenge
  • Friendship Challenge
  • Global Challenge
  • Promise Challenge
  • Outdoor Challenge

Partnership awards 

  • Environment Partnership Award
  • Faith Partnership Award
  • International Partnership Award